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Welcome. Here my friends and family can keep track of my adventures, misadventures, photos and progress as I set out to ride around the world on a 9 month bicycle tour.  I'll be leaving Patterson in central California 02/02/08 and pedaling to Florida. I'll then ship the bike to England and head east through Europe, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and China hoping to make Hong Kong sometime in November.  I can't imagine what lies before me but I promise to save a lot of pictures to this site and relate as much as I have time for. It's going to be interesting, I hope you all enjoy it. Go ahead and click on my picture page. Brian.

MADE IT TO HONG KONG!!! 9/28/2008

Folks it's hard to describe how great it is to be home in northern California again, seeing my family and old friends and knowing this wild adventure is behind me. I can't thank enough all the wonderful people who helped me out along the way in all the different countries I passed through and you all know who you are. I hope to stay in contact with many of you but keep checking back here on occasion for anything new. I'm just beginning to format all my notes and pictures and aim to write a book on this incredible journey that so many were a part of. Thanks again everyone and to all those just checking in know this: the good people around this world out number the bad a thousand to one. Don't believe the papers, we're all the same and we're all in this together. Be cool, Brian

SEE 9/28 BLOG!!

Hey! Forget the New York Times and Washington Post, the journey is front page news in the Modesto Bee 10/21/08, check it out online at

F.Y.I - When you get to the Photobucket page you're seeing the last pics taken on the journey.  Off to the side of the page are a list of dates.  Each one is a photo album that covers the entire trip start to finish.  Something like 800 + photos.  Hope you like them!


March, 2012.      On the chance one may visit for an update, my apologies for letting so much time go by.  This journey is still a big part of my life as I've been working on the book "Briansride" since 2009 trying to tell all the tales of the ride.  The first year was spent chronicling the notebooks I'd kept on the trip and since then I've been working on it when I can.  In the last year I've really done well on it and can say the book is 60% finished.  I'm just entering Russia right now in the progression.  I'm bias of course but it seems pretty interesting since so many incidences and people and sights and hardships and help came my way.  It fills my heart to write down the story of the greatest adventure I'll ever experience and hope it will ring with others who would love to do it, or at least dream it.  If you're reading this thanks for checking in.  By years end 2012 I hope to have it ready .  Thanks,   Brian Tripp

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